The sky-scrapping real estate market in Dubai

No second place in the entire world has the type of real estate market like Dubai. There are various financial alternatives as well as the culture of reselling the property, which makes it an exclusive and excellent decision to purchase real estate property in Dubai.

Nowadays, Dubai is one of the hottest places being talked about because of its real estate market. Dubai is a city with excellent economic growth rate, modern infrastructure, admirable architecture and a sky-scraping real estate market and construction industry. The city’s real estate has noticed tremendous increase after the Dubai government has declared that foreigners would be legally allowed to acquire some residential titles. If you are looking out for right kind of place for property investment, Dubai is the place to seek out for. The place offers a wide range of exclusive properties fro investors.

There are numerous comprehensive investing solutions, which include the sourcing prospective properties, reservation and exchange, completion and also the management of property. There are various kinds of properties available in Dubai such as the residence, retirement property, holiday homes and many more investment opportunities. The city amasses all the latest amenities as well as the highest standard of living in the entire world.

Where on one hand, there are many countries that record fluctuations in their real estate markets but Dubai has always shown a consistent growth in the rates of the property appreciation, an approximation of 20 percent each year. Furthermore, there are various financial alternatives as well as the culture of reselling the property, which makes it an exclusive and excellent decision to purchase real estate property in Dubai.

The numbers of real estate properties, which are being invested in Dubai has guaranteed that for coming next several years the growth will continue at it present rate. Although the development of the Dubai real estate market has been volatile and rapid, it is the combination with the mounting status of Dubai as the excellent visitor and business center, which has made Dubai an excellent international business hub. At present, Dubai is one of the best places for everyone who is looking for any kind of business opportunities in the property investment.

There are numerous advantages of possessing a real estate property in Dubai. Although the angle of the business is pretty good, you should not overlook the outstanding beach facing properties, which you can use for investments. Dubai Marina is a live instance of such kind of development. The Dubai Marina is one of the most elite as well as high-demand properties in Dubai. It offers many panoramic sights of the whole marina and allows great access to the shopping areas and also has several themed restaurants.

The trick to investing in the real estate market of Dubai is to select cautiously. Due to a plethora of properties available, you are required to be extra careful regarding, which one you choose which can make your investment turn into the highest yields. Additionally, also make certain that if you select to work along a realtor, you are generally provided a complete package, which includes both the legal as well as financial services. If you are all set to invest in the real estate market of Dubai then this is the most ideal time to invest.

Success Tips From The Real Estate Investing Gurus

The real estate investing business can give you great financial freedom but along with that is the risk that you are going to face when you enter into this kind of business. Just like any other business, real estate investing requires a clear vision coupled with good entrepreneurial skills to be successful in such a venture.

Donald Trump-The Image Of Success In Real Estate Investing

A true icon of the real estate investing business, Donald Trump has inspired a lot of people to take a shot and get it into the real estate business. With the success that he has in real estate investing, he lives by these same principles that cover all types of real estate investment.

Before you go and set out on negotiations with potential investors, you should be confident about the real estate investment that you are going to pursue. If you are not convinced about the investment, those who will be a part of the undertaking will not be able to share with your viewpoint. One of the successful real property investments that Trump pursued was the Grand Hyatt, which is now one of the most beautiful landmarks in New York, when before it was rebuilt, was just a dilapidated old hotel!

When closing a deal, see to it that you actively involve each person who has a part on the project. Remember that you are in partnership with the seller, inspector, broker and the lender. Keep open communication with them so that everything in the transaction will run smoothly and eventually arrive at a deal that will be beneficial to all parties. It is also important to keep communication lines open so that misconceptions will be eliminated.

Finally, since the real estate investing business entails dealings with many people do not burn your bridges. Through an effective means of networking you will keep your contacts. If possible, remind them that you are interested in more projects, send them greeting cards, messages, gifts or call them. See to it that they understand that you are interested as much as they are on forthcoming projects.

Robert Allen-The Advantages Of Real Estate Investing

For Robert Allen, the business of real estate investing offers a number of advantages to the investor. These advantages are discussed in his book known as The One Minute Millionaire. According to him, the advantages of this business include the following.

Getting more involved in the success of the business. There are some investors who are fond of putting in their money in mutual funds, stocks, bonds and the like. Investing in these kinds of financial instruments do not require much work and business activity since you will only be waiting for gains from the investment such as dividends, interest receivables and other kinds of passive income. However, when you engage into investing in real estate, you should be very involved in the management of your investment properties especially pertaining to the improvements and renovations that should be made to your properties. Compared to just investing your money in financial instruments, real estate investing is indeed a more fulfilling experience.

When you engage in real estate investing, you will be able to get tax benefits like being able to make the most of out of the deductions that the government provides for businesses of this type, especially those related to the interest paid on these investment properties.

The rate of return in the real estate investing business is similar to the behavior of the rate of return in other investments, as it is fluctuating. However, unlike other kinds of investment, it has a more stable rate of return in the long run and as a bonus, the value of your property continues to appreciate.

Robert Allen’s book helps a lot of investors make the most of their financial plans. It helps them learn about different strategies to be successful in the investments they chose to put their savings into especially with regards to real estate investing.

Smartening Up An Older Home For Profit

If you have just bought an older home with a view to renovating it and flipping it (a sort of slow flip at the moment!) then you will do your best renovating work if you have some respect for the homes’ original character.

Many people do actually like to buy a ‘character’ home as we so tactfully call the old beaters, and if the renovating work has been done in a fashion that preserves it, yet gives new life to its style, it will be much easier to sell. Attempting to push the modern look into what is obviously the older look is like putting a ninety year old in a bikini – it shouldn’t happen!

Becoming accustomed to a smaller sized room can take a while; it helps if you can find smaller furniture. Many older homes have smaller rooms that even if knocked ‘through’ – one into the other – can often still feel small or awkwardly sized.

However, there are some people that actually want to buy small homes; this will be especially true in a few more years when the baby boomers retire. They will start selling up their large (and empty) family homes and re-buying smaller homes. Smaller rooms are easier on the heating bills so they may be a big plus soon!

Realtors inform us that certain improvements add money and others are not worth doing unless it is for your own choice. One well known realty chain even carried out a thorough survey that estimated the percentage amount of return value each renovation was worth.

However, in order to get the maximum returns, you would have to modernize the home according to its own unique style. For instance, if you modernize the living room by uncovering the original hard wood flooring, then it is good sense to beautify it. But if you add sleek stainless steel wall lights and black leather furnishings you will not be enhancing the house’s style.

However if it has mediocre flooring and you add new carpeting throughout, you will also be adding value to the property according to the survey. If you are seriously renovating your home as an investment property you need to think in terms of neutrals and pale colors; many people do not find purple carpeting throughout the house appealing!.

One up-grade that will give good returns and may also be essential on an older home is the modernization of the windows. This will increase the value of your property by as much as eighty per cent of the amount that you pay to replace the windows. Having double glazed windows will also appeal to the green buyers out there.

The same percentage amount can be expected from replacing the roof. This is quite a costly job, but as four fifths of it will be returned to you when you sell the house, it is a good investment. If you are planning to replace the roof, you may consider the added investment of a wood stove. If you buy a new government approved air tight one, you can apply for a federal grant to help pay for it. You can get as much as 94% back on the cost of your fireplace when you sell the house.

One of the biggest percentage returns you can get on one renovation is to add on a bathroom. This will get you a whopping 96% return on your original cost. But it is still not the biggest return you can get.

That goes to the most labor intensive and tedious job you can imagine – painting the house! For this you will probably spend about $700.00 in outlay and it will be returned to you by 200% plus – of course the plus is for the back ache!

Smart Real Estate Investing

There are many things that you can do to make yourself a smart real estate investor, and give yourself a jump on the competition. If you don’t know a piece of property is going to go on the market in the future then there is no way that you are going to get the listing.


For the smart real estate investor, there are many opportunities for making large amounts of money in foreclosures. Our country is now in a recession that is causing a record number of real estate foreclosures.

Foreclosure investing is a specialty all to itself within the world of real estate investing. Since this highly targeted and specific market is dominated by competing investors it is vital that you become educated in all the different ways money can be extracted and earned so that you can dominate your competition in finding the best deals first.

For a majority of people, the conventional way to buy property is to go to the bank and ask for a loan. If and when the bank agrees to lend you money to purchase property, you then sign a mortgage that contains a promissory note. The purpose of this promissory note is to insure that if you don’t pay back the money that they loaned to you, then they can take back the collateral, which is your house.

The number one reason for foreclosure is divorce. The main reason is, that before the divorce, there are two people contributing to the house payment and after there is not. The smart real estate investor knows this, so to get a jump on his competitors, he develops a source that lets him know about recent divorces. He now can contact the people directly and possibly work something out with them directly.

Other things that cause people to stop making their mortgage payments include heavy credit card debt, unemployment, job transfer that involves re-locating, serious illness and death.


Pre-foreclosure is the first step in the foreclosure process. This usually happens when the bank starts to get nervous because the homeowner has fallen behind in their payments. The bank will send the homeowner a certified letter that states if the homeowner does not bring their payments up to date, then a sheriff will show up at the house to evict the inhabitants. The bank really does not want your house but they will take it if they have to. This is a great opportunity for the smart real estate investor, because during foreclosure the investor has little risk, no liability and many times no requirement for money or credit.

The Biggest Risk

The biggest risk when working the pre-foreclosure market is associated with what mortgages, liens and judgments are coming with the property that the smart real estate investor is purchasing. This risk can easily be overcome with a little research on the part of the buyer. Just remember that liens, loans and judgments are public record and recorded at the county courthouse. It is a very good idea to hire an attorney to do a preliminary title search for you because they are very familiar with the process.

Auction By Trustee

These auctions are usually held at the county courthouse, and give the bank an opportunity to sell the house, even at a big discount, rather than continue to own it. Since these properties are sold as is, the smart real estate investor always makes a detailed inspection of the property before they bid on it. The third and final stage of foreclosure happens when no one purchases the property at auction, forcing the bank to buy the property back itself.

Short Sale Secrets In Real Estate Investing

If your job is real estate investing, then you would know that buying foreclosures can be very profitable. Most of these homeowners are reeling under huge mortgages. They may have massive loan payments and have no equity at all. In fact, for some, the debts are more than the property that is owned by them.

The situation may not look attractive to most investors, because the profit is not obvious. But in real estate investing, you can make your own equity and negotiate a short sale with the lender or the bank.

How To Influence The Appraisal

When doing short sales it is imperative to know the most important secret of all. If an investor with the greatest negotiating skill does not know the secret, he will not be successful. Any investor with the right paperwork or with a perfect case of low value including repair estimates will fail without this secret.

The secret is to get big discounts from a lender on a property that is facing foreclosure. To do this you should be able to control the Broker’s Price Opinion, known as the BPO. A BPO is a value appraisal done by a bank. When the bank receives a short sale package, they send out a real estate agent or Broker to judge the value of the property.

The bank appoints an agent or broker. His job is to visit the property and give his opinion on the value of the property as he sees it. This is where your skills of real estate investing come in.

You should be able to influence the opinion of the broker, especially because opinions are totally subjective. It is then possible for you to earn a fair amount of money in a short time period and with little effort. There are four important steps that you should follow, which will help you to achieve your goal.

Steps To Your Success

Real estate investing is all about selling your short sale package effectively. You have to start the whole process by a thorough research of the situation. First of all you should inspect the property with a real estate broker and gather valuable information about it. Make a list of the repairs and an approximate estimate for them. Take photographs of the property, especially the cracks and any other damage. Gather information about the family, the neighborhood and other local factors. Make an offer to the loss litigator in writing and attach all the papers required for the deal.

The next step for you would be to influence the Broker’s Price Opinion. Make sure that the BPO agent goes to the property only with you. Your goal should be to make sure that the agent sees the property through your perspective. Show him the package that you have prepared and since the agent is simply doing his job and has no personal income from it, you can attempt to plead your case and request him to ask for the lowest BPO possible. It is important to remember, that normally in real estate investing, agents and appraisers ask to value properties at the high end of the scale. Point out the flaws in the property and be assertive, but do not annoy him.

If you are unlucky and the bank rejects your short sale due to the BPO, just request a second opinion. Carry all the material that you have prepared in support of your case and even offer to pay for the second opinion if the bank is unwilling to pay for it. Use the sympathy factor and familiarize the BPO agent with the sad story related to the foreclosure. If there is a difference in the valuation of the BPO, your case becomes stronger. In real estate investing you have to work towards making sure that the bank agrees to the deal.

It is time for you to close the deal. If the second BPO is drastically different, you may be lucky that the bank will agree to negotiate down. Real estate investing requires a lot of negotiating, and you might still have to work on it, before the bank actually accepts. But sometimes, you may be unlucky and the bank may totally disagree with you. In that case, it is best to move on to the next deal. Sometimes it is for the best, but with every deal one learns from mistakes and rectifies them in the next one.